Marquetry tradition, in the town of Sorrento, started in 1979! Biagio Barile and Son founded the famous firm "Barile Biagio". It boasts an experience of 30 years in the realization and design thanks the collaboration o the best architects too. He realizes casket for different uses. His family-managed lab still creates classic designs using ancient techniques and no laser, also experimenting with modern, colorful objects, creating customizable and one-of-a-kind art pieces.
The Work-room for production and sale of small inlaid wood works, special objects and demonstration of working is very close to us and we strong suggest to visit the show room and workshop. Thank to their idea and professional tecniques, the multicolor inlaid wooden works are also available in a major States and European Shops such as:

Bergdorf Goodman ( NEW YORK ) , Smithsonian ( WASHINGTON ) , Gump's ( SAN FRANCISCO ) and in Europe Christian Dior ( PARIGI )

Don't miss to do a brief visit in a one of the most important Sorrento Excellence .

Biagio Barile and Son